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APUS Supernova Search Program

The Supernovae Research Program is an observing program designed to regularly observe a core group of galaxies in search of supernova events. Supernovae are interesting and important objects. Their large luminosities mean that they can be used as "standard candles." Observations of supernovae allow for accurate distance measurements from Earth to distant galaxies. They are also the sources of most of the heavy metals in our universe, which has profound implications for life.

One supernova occurs approximately every 50 years in galaxies similar to our own Milky Way. Therefore, detecting supernovae requires detailed observations of individual galaxies over extended periods, making this project an ideal candidate for group participation. In this research program, we observe a total of 177 galaxies covering six different regions of the sky every week. Recorded galaxy images are then processed and analyzed using a "blink compare" method to determine if a supernova is present within a given observation.

One of the unique aspects of this research program is that it was designed by, and is currently run by, APUS Masters candidate students. The galaxy analysis is performed by APUS graduate and undergraduate students as well.

This research program is open to all Space Studies students. If you are interested in being part of the program, please contact us!

detection blink.gif

Detection of Cataclysmic Variable (CV) Star Virginis

NGC 2903_edited_edited.jpg

NGC 2903

ngc 891.jpg

NGC 891

ngc 628_edited_edited.jpg

NGC 628

ngc 908_edited_edited.jpg

NGC 908

Research Teams

Team 1

Salina Pena (Team Lead)

Lisa Owens

Emma Follis

Melissa West

Kenny Pelegrino

Jonathan Hernandez 

Steven White

Darin Driskill

Angela Pate

Ronnie Salas

Lady Arsenio

Team 2

Terry Trevino (Team Lead)

Anthony Ritz

Crystal Barnett

DJ Hadders

Grant Roberts

Hogan Wilder

Ann Jibiliya

Kailyn Cecil

Larry Mullins

Scott Kripner

Dylan Hermann

Mohammed Aljanabi

Christian Lopez

Robyn Schreiber

Sarah Guthrie

Tashi Hatchell

Victor Nazario

Will White

Alex Ruelaz
Phil Green

Nick Foley

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