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Into the Abyss

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Join us on April 6th as we welcome back NSF Program Director, Dr. Joe Pesce, as he talks all about black holes. This is a meeting you do not want to miss!

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 964 5949 9140
Passcode: 367105

Sag A.jpg

Sagittarius A* in Polarized Light shows the twisting nature of magnetic field lines swirling around the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Image Credit: EHT Collaboration

ESO. (2024). Astronomers unveil strong magnetic fields spiraling at the edge of Milky Way’s central black hole. News: Press Release.

And the Winner Is...

Congrats to AMU Space Studies student Anthony C. Liggins, who won first place in the "Pages of Stars” competition sponsored by the Astronomical Observatory Serafino Zani and the International Planetarium Society’s Mobile Planetarium Committee. 


Anthony won for his voice, narration, and fun take on his unique adaptation of Phaethon’s Ride by Ovid (Classical Greek Legend). This global competition aims to build a collection of short audio clips that can easily be read or performed under a planetarium dome. 


The text will be published in the IPS Journal, Planetarian, and Anthony will receive an Award Certificate on the Day of Planetaria on May 7, 2024.


Image Credit: International Planetarium Society

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