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Exoplanet Research Program

APUS' Exoplanet Research Program is the latest development for student research. These are newly discovered planets around other stars and to date, over 5,000 have been discovered by space observatories such as Kepler and TESS. We are conducting follow-up observations to assist in delineating the orbital and physical properties of these worlds. Exoplanets are a hot topic in the field of astronomy and an exciting area of research where our observatory can contribute original data to science. Various methods are utilized to detect these strange worlds to better understand the process of planet evolution, from formation to maturity. Studying exoplanets enables researchers to observe their interaction within their star systems, and compare their characteristics to our own Solar System.  

Transit Light Curves

Transit Photometry


WASP-10b Exoplanet Transit Photometry, November 26, 2017

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